I'm looking feedback for my new project website, any feedback is welcome! :)

URL: http://thinkxl.github.io/hyx.less/

Here's a 3-step progress of a photography website I've built.

The first image shows the latest version. The photos maintain their aspect ratio and fit neatly in their rectangular container. The page can be resized to any width and the photos will rearrange themselves accordingly. Some will even move up or down a row.

Technically, the gallery photos have a fixed height of 200px, but a variable width. Likewise, the sidebar photo has a fixed width of 300px, but the height varies in order to maintain the original aspect ratio.

This is a pen and ink sketch I finished recently. It's Talking Heads front-man David Byrne taken from the 1984 film 'Stop Making Sense' (which is considered one of the best concert films of all time). I chose this shot because of the dramatic lighting.

This is done in a in a canson bristol smooth visual diary using Sakura Micron pens, a Bic marker and a white gel pen.

A few new updates have been rolled out.

  • Leaderboard is now active. This is currently a stop-gap with a plan to improve it as the site grows (more granular etc).
  • Members can now add Twitter and Google+ links on their settings page. These will be shown on the member's profile page.
  • Various style fixes effecting mobile devices.

If you have any issues or suggestions please leave a comment below.

V-card and Logo design for an automotive company Pelhar auto parts

This is my personal identity

Here's just a little moleskine illustration I finished recently. Nothing too deep and meaningful here. Just a few crazy critters. I didn't have any real plan for this. Just started sketching and it grew from there.

It's inked using Sakura Micron pens and a black Prismacolor Marker. The book is a Moleskine Classic Sketch book.

I created this sometime ago. Note, one of theses eyes isn't actually an eye.


Latest update has been rolled out. This release includes the following:

  • We now show a user's 'xp' next to their name in each entry's byline. XP are experience points. These are earned by liking entries and comments etc.
  • Achievements are now shown on each user's profile page.
  • Inappropriate entries can now be flagged for admin review.
  • Various style updates and fixes.